Finding Balance in Extreme Situations

As I’ve written about before, I’m all about trying to find some semblance of balance in my daily life.  I have learned, however, that there are some situations where the balance may be really hard to find.

I’ve experienced this myself to a degree when marathon training.  I thought that was pretty extreme the four times I’ve done it.  Dedicating 6 months of your life to a goal of ultimately running 26.2 miles is considered, in most circles, extreme.

This year though, I have found a new level of extreme.  I am only into this extremeness by association, but I am a part of it. 

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Balance – My Blog

Hello and Happy August (my birthday month!)  So to those who have been following me for a while, I’m changing things up a little here on my “Balance” blog. I am participating in a 3 week course called “Blogging 101”.  So bear with me if you find parts of this initial post repetitive or not new to you, but please keep reading!  I’m planning a blog or 2 (or series?) about my upcoming BIG birthday and how I plan to use it as my own personal New Year. 

My name is Teresa and I have been blogging, off and on, for 4 or 5 years now.  I’m hoping this course will help me become more consistent with my writing.  In my previous blog, I talked about how this spring and summer have been a rough road for me and I’ve lost motivation.  Feel free to read it and catch up, but the short short story is I’m a runner and fitness instructor who had to have knee surgery at the beginning of July.  But I digress, I’m here today to let everyone know what my blog is about and why I enjoy blogging.

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Stalled Out Summer

This was supposed to be my summer.  MY summer.  Having given up my full time bank job last fall, I was getting used to juggling my two part time jobs.  I was finding my way around not feeling guilty for having more time for myself and was starting to be productive in my writing, gearing toward more artwork as well.  I had a plan in place and spent the Spring working on a foundation for training for a 50K in October.  I felt the momentum building and it was good.

Then the bottom fell out.

It didn’t just fall out, it crashed and burned.

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Regrets, I’ve had a few.. but then again..

Yesterday I wandered into the spare bedroom. The room has been closed for the winter. We’re not using it so there was really no need to waste energy heating it. I intended to pull the sheets off the bed and wash them but my attention was immediately distracted by the bookshelf we keep in there. It’s a 6 foot shelf full of books. Most of them I have read, but as I stood perusing it yesterday, I had a very clear thought.


If something happened to me today I would really regret not having read several of these books.”

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After The Finish Line

The week after the marathon is tough for me. Just like any big life event, I put so much time and effort into getting to and through it, that when it is done I feel a little lost. Marathons seem to be harder than anything for me, though. I bounce back quicker after vacations better than after a marathon.


The week(s) after my first marathon were the worst. To prepare for my first full 26.2, I had made my own 16-week plan, stuck to it religiously, trained all on my own and finished the race on my own. If you read my last blog, you know I overdressed for that race but still managed to get it done. My mom and brother came for the weekend and were there when I finished. I rested during the afternoon and we all went out to dinner that evening. Then it was just another week – my family went back home and I went to work. That’s it. I wasn’t training for anything, I had no clear running goal to work on and I felt lost and confused. I even felt sad. Continue reading

An Unfocused Kind of Morning

Now that the little dog is inside, I’ll try to write. It’s been one of those mornings. It’s not often that I let the weather keep me from my morning run. In looking back over the past 12 weeks, I realize that I have only missed one entire scheduled run (a 4 miler on a Saturday about 7 weeks ago) and I see two runs were cut short by heavy rain, but that’s it. Continue reading

Figuring It Out

If you are reading this then you are seeing my newly re-vamped blog.  Yay!  I decided to update my site for the new year.  I hope you like the fresh new look – let me know!


I am personally excited that I have figured out how to add a “continue reading” link to my blog posts.  This seems elementary, I realize, but I have literally been bothered by not having this for over a year.  Today I sat and searched and clicked and sighed and walked away and came back and finally found it.

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Stating the Obvious – It’s Cold!

It’s cold. Really cold. I don’t like cold. I moved from Ohio to South Carolina mainly because I do not like cold weather. It goes beyond a simple disliking, I have a hard time tolerating cold temperatures. Cold hurts.

People say, “Just put on some more clothes, you’ll warm up,” and there’s this gem, “It’s easier to be cold that hot, you can only take off so many layers but you can always add them.” No, it doesn’t work that way, sorry. When you have a genuine sensitivity to cold, it’s not always easy to warm up. Once I get cold, there are only 2 things that will warm me up – a hot bath or exercise. That’s it. I can pile on hoodies and socks and blankets but my feet, hands and nose will stay cold. Continue reading

Soon To Be Last Year

dry-erase-board-2-570618-mFor years, I’ve ended my year by sitting down and reviewing it. Not necessarily in depth, but I liked to write down one or two significant things that happened in each month. I started to do just that for 2014, and realized that it’s been kind of a weird year. And maybe that’s not the right way to say it, but even though I’ve been able to come up with some significant events it just wasn’t looking like I had done a lot. So I slowed down and took some time to really look at my past year. What I came up with is this – 2014 has been a year of planning and set up. Continue reading